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Make the best of summer bedding

Many gardening columns will be talking about summer bedding plants as we reach the start of May and are able to plant out half hardies with confidence.  I have written on this topic before and this time I am encouraging you to expand your view of what summer bedding can offer to a garden.  By […]

Spring bulb aftercare

Just because the flowers are over it is important not to ignore your spring flowering bulbs if you want another great show of flowers next year.  Flowering early in the year takes more energy than the plant can produce from photosynthesis with short days and low light levels and the food stored in the bulb […]

Make yours a wildlife friendly garden

Gardens are vital in providing habitats & corridors for wildlife to live and travel esp in urban areas.  Here are some simple tips on how to make your garden more friendly to wildlife without  sacrificing the atractive, family garden that you really do deserve. Wildlife needs what gardeners like too: long season of flowers, plenty […]

The tropic of West Kent

If you don’t get a free copy of the Town Crier magazine – here is my June article It is easier to create a tropical-looking garden in our temperate climate than you might think and does not require without a greenhouse to protect all the plants in winter.  Choose plants with a strong architectural shape […]