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Gardening, mental health and STH are all big subjects and there are loads of resources online and in the real world.  I am building a list of  items that I have found lovely, useful or interesting.  I have included my YouTube channel GardeningbyDesignUK  where you will find quick gardening tips, longer tutorials and examples of my talks.

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My own YouTube channel where you will find quick gardening tips, longer tutorials and examples of my talks.

Quick Gardening Tips from Alison Playlist

Full video tutorials Playlist

Gardening for wellbeing Playlist

Sample Gardening talks Playlist
One complete talk plus examples of the slides that I use to illustrate and explain.

Some of the most readable summaries of research into the benefits of engagement with nature and the ways that this can be leveraged at a societal level.

A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment, published by HM Government Defra, 2018  Link
One key aims is/was to connect people to the natural environment to improve their health and wellbeing.  One of the ways to connect people with the natural environment and engage them in nature-based activities to support wellbeing is through Green social prescribing.

NHS Social Prescribing and NHS Green Prescribing

Thrive: a national charity whose vision is to enable those touched by a disability to transform their lives using gardening.  Thrive runs projects and provides STH training to practitioners.

Trellis: a charity providing support and training as Scotland’s network for therapeutic gardening.

USA Extension Master Gardener: a US scheme to train volunteers with a passion for gardening to further horticulture education in the community.  The Facebook page regularly posts informative articles and links – just take into account the climatic differences.


On the Ledge

Logo for On the Ledge podcast

Jane Perrone is a freelance gardening journalist and houseplant expert who hosts the On the Ledge podcast and is the author of Legends of the Leaf, a book on (yes) houseplants.



The Backyard Larder

Perennial vegetable bed, photo


Alison Tindale is a long time vegetable grower and has  an allotment devoted to growing perennial vegetables.  The website and blog provide information about how to grow them and how to cook them too.

Life at No. 27

Life at No. 27, logo

The Life at No.27 mission is to connect with, believe in and empower people; transforming lives through the power of gardening, growing our own produce and therapeutic conversation.


The 3 Growbags
Photo portrait of 3 Growbags Three sisters who between them garden in Scotland, Sussex and Normandy. They describe their blog as a light-hearted look at seasonal gardening issues with tips to keep you on track summer and winter.

I have visited all these gardens and you will see some photos from them used here on my website.

Links and pictures coming SOON

Papers published in the public domain or free to access journals that shed light on Mental Health Recovery and STH.

Effectiveness of Therapeutic Gardens for People with Dementia: A Systematic Review, 2021 Link