I love talking about gardening to gardeners because understanding is the crucial element of the learning that turns frustration into success. I am also spreading the word that gardening, and the connection to nature that it engenders, are good (even vital) to our mental health.   I offer talks to groups interested in understanding how as individuals we can use our own gardens to promote wellbeing as well as how more formal Social & Therapeutic Gardening programmes can help via community and support groups.

I have been on both the Royal Horticultural Society Speakers list since 2014, and have given more than 200 talks, not just to horticultural societies but social clubs, retirement associations, U3A and WI.  All my talks and classes include plenty of photographs, examples, summaries and, of course, discussion.

I continue to offer online talks to clubs, societies, W.I. or simply a group of family & friends as well as turning up in person. Using Zoom has opened up a whole realm of possibilities and I have had the pleasure of talking about gardening to groups across the country, and even across the water – well, the Isle of Wight!   I see that this can be useful for clubs in remoter areas and in winter to avoid travel or cancellations in poor weather.

“I just wanted to thank you for your talk last Thursday.  All the members loved it, particularly that you made it so interactive.  We like that style, but not all speakers perform in the same way.  I hope we can have you back to talk on one of your other topics in the future!”  Year round garden interest, Maidstone Horticultural Society, November 2019

Wellbeing Topics

Suitable for gardening and social groups as well as an introduction to Social & Therapeutic Horticulture if your organisation is considering creating a programme.

  • How gardens and gardening are good for us all
  • Wellbeing & the mindful gardener
  • How gardening can support Mental Health Recovery

New Additions

I have delivered some new talks recently, on request, so have now added these to my regular list –

  • Planting for drier summers (but not necessarily drier winters!)
  • The how & why of pruning
  • Meadow & prairie planting
  • How not to kill your houseplants
  • Getting to grips with botanical names

Regular Favourites

  • More garden impact for less effort
  • Right plant, right place: understanding what will thrive
  • How to have a great front garden
  • Year-round garden interest
  • Creating garden style and impact
  • Nature friendly gardening – great for us all

What to Expect

My talks typically last an hour including questions and discussion as we go along and I will usually bring a tablet and projector to illustrate the topic.  After all, you cannot talk about gardening without photographs of beautiful plants!

My fee for an hour-long talk delivered in person is £80 plus a mileage charge of 40p per mile from my home in Tonbridge.  I generally range around Kent, Sussex, Surrey and across the Thames into south Essex for talks but am happy to discuss travelling further afield, especially if there is an interesting garden to visit in the area!

My fee for a talk on Zoom, usually 50 minutes plus questions is £80 and, of course, I am delighted to meet groups from across the country.

I will also create a talk on a gardening topic that is of particular interest to a group as long as I have the knowledge.  It’s always worth asking! So Get in touch to book or discuss a topic                        

What The Audience Say

“Thank you for joining us on Tuesday evening via Zoom and talking to us about ‘Plants, Seeds and Pollinators’. This was our first virtual meeting and we thought the format of the meeting worked very well.  Your talk was very interesting and informative, and you have certainly inspired our members with ideas on how to create wonderful gardens and try something new!  The information about encouraging pollinators into gardens and allotments and suggestions for companion gardening was particularly useful as we support national campaigns.”                Harborne Village WI, June 2020