We achieve so much more by working together and sharing knowledge and experience.  I would love to connect with you on LinkedIn, social media, via email or in ‘real life’.  Social and Therapeutic Horticulture is a broad profession with many practitioners coming to it as a second career (as I have done) and bringing different skills and experiences.

For anyone within striking distance of Tonbridge, maybe a walk or garden visit; further afield Zoom or Teams come into their own. I attend a few events and conferences and am always delighted to share a coffee or set the world to rights through gardening with fellow STH practitioners or anyone interested in finding out more.

You can also sign up to receive my monthly email newsletter.  This will include new blogs for the month, any interesting blogs, research, books or projects that I have come across and a note on upcoming events.  Together they will give you an insight into my take on gardening, wellbeing and mental health recovery.  And I hope that sometimes you may learn something new or be prompted to think differently about a familiar topic.

Where am I going?

December 12th 2023: I will be attending the STH Professional Development Forum on Zoom.  Hosted by Thrive and Trellis, this meeting continues the discussion on the creation of a professional association for STH practitioners in the UK.  It is open to anyone currently or considering STH as a profession and details will be posted on the Trellis website.

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