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Winter flowering bulbs

Winter flowering bulbs If you have been given winter flowering bulbs for Christmas or are growing your own to cheer up a dull January, here are a few tips to keep them tip-top. Compost dries out quickly in centrally heated rooms so check twice a week. Water from the bottom by standing the pot in […]

Garden design – the practicalities

Winter is a time to think about any changes you may want to make to your garden layout for next summer and there are some key practical questions to be answered before you get onto the creative, artistic part of the project. I always advise people to look at gardens, large and small, for inspiration […]

Doubly good Christmas presents for gardeners

What to buy a gardener when they have enough gloves and string?  How about membership of a charitable organisation or making a gift donation on their behalf?  Christmas is a time when we are not short of charity appeals and here are a few suggestions if you are interested in gardening and the environment.   […]

Houseplants and gardening indoors

There is good news for gardeners who miss their gardening fix when the winter weather prevents outside work. Indoor gardening with houseplants is back in fashion and some of the stalwart plants of our childhood homes are now right on trend instead of being “so last century”. You should be seeing an increase in the number […]

Autumn pruning to prevent winter damage

I am often asked what pruning should be done in autumn and the answer is “very little”.  The main aim of autumn pruning is to prevent damage to tall shrubs during winter storms and wind rock.  This falls into the category of Housekeeping pruning.  It applies to late flowering shrubs that have produced tall, whippy […]

What is hard landscaping in the garden for?

November can be a dank and drear month not very conducive to pottering in the garden but it is a good time to evaluate the overall layout of your garden, free from the fluff of foliage and flowers.  A key element of the layout of a garden is hard landscaping so this month’s ‘garden ponder’ is […]

Don’t be too tidy in the autumn garden

Providing shelter for overwintering wildlife: You will know that I am keen on encouraging wildlife in the garden and there is good news for anyone struggling to find time for all that autumn cutting and tidying. Leaving herbaceous perennials and grasses standing through the winter instead of cutting everything down to ground level provides great […]

Parterres & Knots – still relevant today?

Parterres and knot gardens date from the 16th century in France and England respectively and are usually associated with National Trust properties and other large country houses.  In fact the photograph shows one half of the impressive Parterre Garden at National Trust Cliveden House in Buckinghamshire   However they have a lot to offer the […]