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Buying & planting field-grown trees in winter

Winter is a great time plant new trees and hedges as long as the ground is not frozen.  An advantage of winter planting is that you can buy young field-grown trees and hedging plants more cheaply than pot-grown specimens.   As the name suggests field-grown trees are grown in open fields and lifted (dug up) just […]

When the summer veg is over

Many people grow summer vegetables in a small plot but may not make full use of the space through the autumn and winter.  By the end of September even the last sowings of quick maturing salad crops such as radishes and salad leaves will be coming to an end. You can move onto winter hardy […]

Maximising your veg harvest

Succession sowing and inter-cropping The month of May sees the height of sowing and planting for the summer vegetables  and succession sowing and inter-cropping are two different ways to get the maximum vegetable harvest from your space and delivering a steady flow of produce to the kitchen through the summer. Succession sowing simply means that […]

What is Soil and what is Soil Improvement?

You already know that the soil in your garden is key to growing great plants. But exactly what soil is made of, why this matters and what is meant by soil improvement might warrant a bit more explanation to turn the frustration of plants that struggle into the success of blooming borders. Soil Type There […]

Grow Your Own : Crop Rotation

Grow Your Own rotating vegetables If you grow vegetables, whether in a small veg plot at home or on a larger scale on an allotment, you will have come across the term ‘crop rotation’.  There are good reasons for moving your veggies around each year and it need not be complicated once you understand the […]

Starting an Allotment

Fruit and veg never go out of fashion and whether you have a few plants at home or are nearly self-sufficient on an allotment, nothing beats the experience of picking and eating your own produce.  There is an increasing range of varieties and exotic introductions to tempt us in the seed catalogues and garden centres […]

Growing Potatoes without a garden

Growing your own fruit and especially annual vegetables seems to have taken the UK by storm in the last couple of years.  For those who only have a small garden or even a patio, the good news is that you do not need a huge vegetable patch nor an unnatural commitment to digging to grow […]

Magical Runner Beans

To be honest there is nothing particularly magical about runner beans but they do make a great subject for watching the rather magical process of a seed germinating.  The main advantage of beans is that the seeds are large enough for you to see the root and shoot emerging with the aid of a clear […]

Choosing an irrigation system

After such a wet winter it may seem perverse to talk about irrigation systems but if you are planning or replanting an area of your garden, it is worth thinking about watering now.  Unless you are using drought tolerant plants then at some point int eh summer watering will be needed especially in the vegetable […]

GYO – Planning your summer veg

February is the month when we start to think about what to grow in a vegetable garden or allotment for summer harvesting. Whether you are new to GYO or an old hand looking to grow something new, here are some planning considerations. What to grow: firstly understand why you want to GYO. Is it for the […]