Gardening for the Mind Workshops

The Gardening for the Mind workshops are new in 2018 introducing people to the principles of Mindfulness, how gardening can support and improve our mental wellbeing and, of course, how the two activities blend together.

Our Gardening for the Mind Workshops are unique; combining the wellbeing benefits of physical activity together with meditation and mindful movement.  They are open to anyone who cares about their mental health and wants a simple way to nurture themselves as part of their everyday lives. It is most likely to appeal in the first instance to someone who is already interested in Mindfulness or Gardening (or both!) but no prior knowledge or experience of either is needed.  We create a safe supportive space for small groups to cultivate seeds of self-care, connecting with nature, so that they feel nourished in mind, body and soulWorkshop flyerEach workshop is different as we reflect the seasons with the meditation and the gardening activities, such as mindful movement and planting up a potted planter.

Hosts: Alison Marsden is a gardening advisor and tutor with qualifications in gardening, teaching adults and most recently Social & Therapeutic Horticulture.  Caroline Wright has worked as a therapist for 16 years and is a qualified Mindfulness Facilitator.  They met at a business networking group and whilst sharing a love for the outdoors during a mindful walk, discovered the common ground of gardening as a mindful activity. It really was a ‘light bulb moment’ and Gardening for the Mind was born.

Where and When

Thursday September 6th 2018,  Monday October 22nd 2018 & Saturday November 10th 2018

  • Blackham Village Hall, just outside Tunbridge Wells
  • 10am-1pm, free parking, refreshments & gardening take-away included
  • To book call Caroline: 07855 731416  or Alison: 07803 045327

We are at the Thrive Events Health Discovery weekend at the end of September near Tunbridge Wells where people can experience taster sessions and book onto a workshop.

As well as the public workshops already in the diary we are delighted to run a session for a group of friends, family, or a school or community group: both gardening and mindfulness are great activities for children too. You provide the people and venue with and we will bring everything else for two hours of mindfulness and gardening.

Why Gardening and Mindfulness

 Being outside, working with nature, nurturing plants and seeing literally the fruits of your labours have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, improve self-esteem and confidence, provide learning and social interactions. There is so much of this aspect of gardening that links seamlessly to Mindfulness, they are a natural combination and gardening can become your everyday informal Mindfulness practice.

As one of the Green Care activities Gardening is increasingly recognised as a way to deliver mental wellbeing benefits to a huge range of people and it is very approachable for people – everyone is at least familiar with gardening even if they have not done any; and it transcends social, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Mindfulness is recognised by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as a proven method to help patients with their mental health, reduce anxiety, and to manage chronic pain.

Happy Gardening from Alison