10 tips for great Planting Plans

My tweetorial on Planting Plans for the Woolly Green #WoolliesAskAlison Q&A on March 6th

Work out number of plants needed for space & don’t be tempted to overfill or you’ll be dividing and removing in 2 years

General rule plan on 3 large or 5 small perennials per sq. metre. Large shrubs 1 per sq.m, small shrubs 2-3 sq.m

Draw up a plan & stick to it when you go plant shopping. Identify sensible substitutes if 1st choice is not available

Decide what plant type, height, colour & season you want FIRST, then identify a plant that fits requirement & suits soil

Planting close to house should complement building style – not necessarily match it but not clash when viewed together

Planting far from house can be independent of building style, maybe more dramatic or blended with landscape

Bright colours seem closer to you & pale colours recede so you can maximise border by careful colour planning

Repeating key plant or colour through a long bed unifies the whole scheme & looks planned instead of accidental

Use colour wheel used by artist or interior designer to choose neighbouring colours for harmony or opposites for contrast

Soft border idea: pale colours, pink, mauve, grey & delicate leaf shapes intermingled to give calm & gentle effect

Architectural border

Great architectural planting at Hever Castle

Dramatic border: architectural foliage & bright (red, yellow) or contrasting colours (black, acid green). Wow!