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Gardening trends – where is gardening going?

Predicting the future and fashion trends is something of a mug’s game but I am interested in the general direction of travel for gardening; not the cat walk world of show garden design but the role of gardening in people’s lives and communities.  Over the last few years I have seen three influences develop that […]

Doubly good Christmas presents for gardeners

What to buy a gardener when they have enough gloves and string?  How about membership of a charitable organisation or making a gift donation on their behalf?  Christmas is a time when we are not short of charity appeals and here are a few suggestions if you are interested in gardening and the environment.   […]

Don’t be too tidy in the autumn garden

Providing shelter for overwintering wildlife: You will know that I am keen on encouraging wildlife in the garden and there is good news for anyone struggling to find time for all that autumn cutting and tidying. Leaving herbaceous perennials and grasses standing through the winter instead of cutting everything down to ground level provides great […]

Valentine’s Day in the Garden

February 14th, St. Valentines Day, is traditionally said to be the day when birds start to nest.  While this is debatable, late February can seem like spring but do not be fooled into sowing and planting too early as the first part of the month is definitely winter. What you can do this month is […]

Gardening in the 21st Century

August is a month when we may do more sitting in the garden (whether our own or someone else’s) than hard labour creating and planting. So this month’s column invites you to consider what gardening in the 21st century is and should be like.  I will offer food for thought but you will have to […]

Make yours a wildlife friendly garden

Gardens are vital in providing habitats & corridors for wildlife to live and travel esp in urban areas.  Here are some simple tips on how to make your garden more friendly to wildlife without  sacrificing the atractive, family garden that you really do deserve. Wildlife needs what gardeners like too: long season of flowers, plenty […]