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Naturalistic Planting

Last month I wrote about planting field grown trees and shrubs in the November-March bare root season while they are dormant.  One of the reasons for planting these woody plants is to create an area of Naturalistic planting.  This style does not limit you to native plants and is not a copy of the local […]

What’s wrong with Rhododendrons?

Towards the end of May I spent two consecutive days garden visiting and there could hardly have been a greater contrast.  Firstly I was one of thousands at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and the following day I attended a preview of Leonardslee Gardens in West Sussex currently undergoing restoration.  Apart from the weather – […]

Structural Planting

This may be an unfamiliar term for a familiar method of . As leaves fall and soft green plants die back we are able to see the structure of a planting scheme and the rigid elements that are present through the winter too.  We talk about the ‘bones’ of the garden and this is a […]