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Gardens and the environment

Sometimes it seems that you can hardly read or listen to the news without hearing statistics about the environment, from the loss of insect populations, destruction of rain forests to the number of species approaching extinction.  But I want you to think about a different statistic and this one is part of the solution not […]

Channel Radio

Health Matter Radio Show

In August 2018 I spoke on the Health Matters Radio Show for Kent Channel Radio, interviewed by Neil D’Silva.   Together Caroline Alldis, Natural Mindfulness practitioner and I explained how Gardening for the Mind blends the benefits of gardening and mindfulness and how we came to work together to offer these unique workshops.     Listen […]

How to buy plants

Spring is a good time to buy plants to fill up spaces in your ornamental borders to be sure of a wonderful display in the summer.  But before you can plant, you need to buy and there are few things that a gardener likes more than the chance to acquire more plants. For herbaceous plants […]

Soil Conditioning, what and why

We are usually still enjoying summer at least at the start of September but soon gardeners’ thoughts will turn to the autumn planting season.  Once air temperatures drop and we have some steady rain (theoretically after a warm, dry summer!) there are a few weeks when conditions are ideal for splitting, moving and planting new […]

Gardening is good for body & soul

As gardeners we know that gardening is good for you. Here are just a few of the benefits that you get from gardening. Share with friends and family who are so busy looking after their wellbeing that they think that they do not have time for gardening and let’s convert a few more people! Whether […]