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A garden for entertaining

From June to September, if we are lucky with the weather, I expect that many people who are not regular gardeners will spend their leisure time out in the garden.  Whilst providing outdoor space and a lovely view all year round, it is in summer that the garden as a place for relaxing and entertaining […]

Wildflowers in the Garden

Adding wildflowers to your garden has become something of a trend recently, I suspect prompted by increasing awareness amongst media and public of the dreadful statistics on the loss of 95% of UK wildflower meadows since the 1930s.  So should we all be planting wildflowers? Firstly let me clear up a common confusion: Wildflowers are […]

Get a bigger garden!

Sitting outside in summer offers a good chance to look at the overall layout of your garden and question whether you are making best use of the space – especially if it is small and enclosed.  Using perspective and the odd optical illusion can increase the sense of space and subtly change our perception of […]