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Style formal

Why Style matters in the garden

I wrote in a recent blog post about spaces to sit and relax in your garden and July is the ideal time to take a good look round and decide if the layout and planting still suit your likes and lifestyle.  If you are considering making changes, whether a bit of replanting, replacing an ageing […]

Gardening trends – where is gardening going?

Predicting the future and fashion trends is something of a mug’s game but I am interested in the general direction of travel for gardening; not the cat walk world of show garden design but the role of gardening in people’s lives and communities.  Over the last few years I have seen three influences develop that […]

What is hard landscaping in the garden for?

November can be a dank and drear month not very conducive to pottering in the garden but it is a good time to evaluate the overall layout of your garden, free from the fluff of foliage and flowers.  A key element of the layout of a garden is hard landscaping so this month’s ‘garden ponder’ is […]

Parterres & Knots – still relevant today?

Parterres and knot gardens date from the 16th century in France and England respectively and are usually associated with National Trust properties and other large country houses.  In fact the photograph shows one half of the impressive Parterre Garden at National Trust Cliveden House in Buckinghamshire   However they have a lot to offer the […]

Does your garden need a message?

I spent a day at the Hampton Court Flower Show in July and have since been pondering the question “does your (or my) garden need a message?”.  Readers of this column will know that I am a firm believer in looking at other gardens for ideas whether these are permanent gardens or show installations.  One […]

Shadow Play with Plants

Bright sunny days make for delightful garden visiting but for an amateur photographer like me, inexpertly using a smartphone camera, the exaggerated contrast between sun and shade is quite a challenge.  So on a few recent occasions I have searched out planting that deliberately accentuates shadows for decorative effect and taken some rather neat photographs. […]

Brighten up January with summer flowers

Winter gardening articles abound with sparkling images of snow covered trees and frosted grasses and today in Kent was just one of those days but the reality is more often just dank and cold offering little incentive to venture outside.  How much better to do your ‘gardening’ inside this month and cheer yourself up browsing […]

How Impressionist painters help gardeners

It may seem that the broad-brush style of the Impressionist painters clashes with the science and plant by plant design of the gardens that they so often painted.  However, Impressionist paintings can help us in the process of tweaking or totally redesigning beds and borders in our own gardens.  And October is an ideal time […]