Spring bulb aftercare

Just because the flowers are over it is important not to ignore your spring flowering bulbs if you want another great show of flowers next year.  Flowering early in the year takes more energy than the plant cTulipsan produce from photosynthesis with short days and low light levels and the food stored in the bulb is used up.  If the leaves are cut off or tied down too soon the plant has no chance to replenish its food store in the bulb and will not flower well next spring.  This can be the reason for Daffodils sending up leaves but no flower stalks (‘blind’) in alternate years.

A dose of balanced fertiliser and adequate watering ensure that the leaves work efficiently until they die away naturally, usually 6 to 8 weeks after flowering and then the bulb will sit underground, full and dormant, through the summer.  Bulbs grown in a pot can either be fed and placed in an unobtrusive spot to die down or planted out into the border for colour in future years.

If you are emptying spring bulbs from an ornamental pot, then consider planting summer flowering bulbs such as Lilies for a great display right through to the autumn.

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