Why do we prune shrubs & trees?

1.  To encourage a plant to grow, flower or fruit as the gardener wants by changing how the plant would grow naturally

  • A different shape – a more artistic shape
  • Shorter – so we can reach the fruit
  • More bushy – more flowers & fruit in same space


2. To regenerate an overgrown shrub

  • Removing much of the top growth to encourage the plant to ‘start again’
  • Thinning out the oldest growth to promote young stems without losing the height

Pruning is one of the areas that I am asked about the most and one of the most popular half day workshops that I teach.  There is no real mystery about whether, when and how to prune most garden trees and shrubs but there are a couple of key pieces of information about how plants grow that you do need.

As well as advising on pruning as part of an advice visit, I am very happy to undertake seasonal or restorative pruning of your shrubs and small trees.