Why do we prune shrubs & trees?

To encourage a plant to grow, flower or fruit as the gardener wants by changing how the plant would grow naturally

  • A different shape – a more artistic shape
  • Shorter – so we can reach the fruit
  • More bushy – more flowers & fruit in same space

AcerTo renovate an overgrown shrub by thinning out the oldest growth in the canopy to let light back into the centre and return to an open framework, or, more drastically to remove much of the top growth to encourage the plant to ‘start again’

Pruning is one of the areas that I am asked about the most and one of the most popular half day workshops that I teach.  There is no real mystery about whether, when and how to prune most garden trees and shrubs but there are some key pieces of information about how plants grow that you do need to understand.

If you want to learn about Pruning in the comfort of your own home, then take a look at my ‘Box of Tricks’ video tutorial on the topic of ‘Pruning small trees and shrubs’.  You can buy online and download the topic to watch however many times as you like.