Box of Tricks Topic: Right plant, right place


Whether you are filling a single gap or replanting an entire border you want plants that will thrive.  This topic explains how to choose plants to suit whatever conditions your garden offers.


Right plant, right place looks at what all plants need in order to grow, why some plants need different conditions and how to tell, and most important of all, how to match plants to the conditions in your garden, above and below ground.  Never buy another plant without knowing that it will be happy.

You get approximately an hour of material, split across three videos so that you can watch in easy to manage sections and get out into the garden in between to make the most of the information.  There are plenty of photographs, diagrams, examples and summaries to help you get to grips with the topic and even a few questions for you to answer (out loud if you are feeling brave!).

Watch this two minute introduction for a taste of this Topic.