Box of Tricks Topic: Pruning small trees and shrubs


Many gardeners have shrubs and small trees in need of pruning but hold off for fear of damaging an established plant. This topic explains the reasons for pruning and describes when and what to do.


Pruning small trees and shrubs answers the fundamental questions of Why we want to prune and How plants react, looks at the practicalities of pruning to shape and maintain small trees and shrubs and describes ways of renovating overgrown or neglected plants.

You get approximately an hour of material, split across three videos so that you can watch in easy to manage sections and get out into the garden in between to make the most of the information.  There are plenty of photographs, diagrams, examples and summaries to help you get to grips with the topic and even a few questions for you to answer (out loud if you are feeling brave!).

What people say

“As always, clarity of presentation is what Alison brings!”

“Very informative; it was very useful to know why we prune and to understand the result of pruning, rather than trying to remember which plants to prune when.”

(presentation of the topic in person)

Watch this two minute introduction for a taste of this Topic.