Make yours a wildlife friendly garden

Gardens are vital in providing habitats & corridors for wildlife to live and travel esp in urban areas.  Here are some simple tips on how to make your garden more friendly to wildlife without  sacrificing the atractive, family garden that you really do deserve.

Wildlife needs what gardeners like too: long season of flowers, plenty autumn berries & some evergreen in winter

Simple 1st step: don’t kill or drive out what is already trying to live in your garden (possibly except slugs)

Many ornamental flowers are great for bees & butterflies; choose ones with open centre for access to pollen & nectar

Sweep fallen leaves off lawns & pile under hedges to reduce weeds & offer winter protection to mini-beasts

Wildlife gardening

Diversity is key: if you live in countryside offer different habitat in your garden to extend range of wildlife

Be realistic about what you can attract from the local area: eagles & red squirrels are unlikely in most of UK!

Rediscover an interest in mini-beasts (creepy crawlies); they’re the basis of a healthy garden eco-system

Water is great for wildlife both living & drinking. Large pot can form a mini pond if lack space. But keep it safe.

Wildlife friendly garden is not weedy wasteland but can be attractive family garden – just with added entertainment