Build your gardening knowledge & turn frustration into success

Learn to be a more confident and happier gardener

As well as learning through a one-to-one consultation, or attending a talk or class, you can take your time, suit your own schedule and deepen your understanding of gardening with tutorials and tips on my YouTube channel GardeningbyDesignUK

My most popular talks and teaching topics are available as video tutorials containing practical, implementable advice, with photographs, diagrams, examples and summaries to help you get to grips with the topic and giving you the confidence to plan, plant and look after your plot.

“No celebrity, no TV crew, just the explanations and examples you need put together by a professional gardening tutor.”

Each topic contains approximately an hour of material, split across three videos so that you can watch in easy to manage sections and get out into the garden in between to make the most of the information. There are photographs, diagrams, examples and summaries to help you get to grips with the topic and even a few questions for you to answer. Tea breaks included!

For a quick answer to a tricky question look at my Quick Video Gardening Tips, each just a few minutes and getting straight to the point!

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For a 10 minute video taster – and to learn how to beat the weeds!

Any plant in the wrong place can become a weed. Find out how to deal with those you already have and reduce future problems.

A 10 minute video Nugget to give you a sample of my tutorials.

Winter is a good time to garden indoors and take a look at your houseplants. This video shows how to split a pot-bound Sanseveria and pot it up into a suitably larger pot.

We all want a lovely garden all year round but we also want change through the seasons and combining the two is not always simple.

This topic explains how you can ‘have it all’.

Year round garden thumbnail

Many gardeners have shrubs and small trees in need of pruning but hold off for fear of damaging an established plant.

This topic explains the reasons for pruning and describes when and what to do.

Pruning thumbnail

Whether you are filling a single gap or replanting an entire border you want plants that will thrive.

This topic explains how to choose plants to suit whatever conditions your garden offers.

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