Lawns – the good, the bad & the easy

A  few tips on lawns as the summer progresses from my WoolliesAskAlison twitter tweetorial:

Established, healthy lawn withstands dry summer without watering. Top may go brown but will recover when it rains.

Spring & summer lawn feeds high Nitrogen for lush green growth, autumn higher potassium for tougher leaves pre winter.

Newly turfed or sown lawns need to be watered in dry periods so roots don’t die off.  Early am late pm best times.

Preparation of ground MOST important when laying new lawn: want it to be in place for many years so don’t skimp

Lawn care photo

Ensure good drainage under lawn esp on heavy clay soil else it will favour moss & coarser grasses.

Choose turf or seed mix for situation & use e.g. shade, fine lawn, family football pitch all contain diff species.

Moss in lawn usually means poor drainage & could be years of compaction.  Aerate & scarify in autumn

Maybe you don’t need a perfect grass lawn: low growing weeds are green too & some flower #lovethedaisies

Ensure mower blades are sharp to cut cleanly & not rip grass out by roots.  Strim v carefully round trees

Raise mower blades in summer to keep grass bit longer. Reduces water loss & lawn stays greener if hot.

Happy Gardening!

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