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Gardening for Wellbeing

2017 seems to be the year in which the world has caught up with the gardeners and realised that gardening is good for our mental as well as physical wellbeing.  Or possibly it is just that the mainstream media has finally picked up the message.  The formal term for using gardening activities to support or […]

A New Year’s Resolution for Gardeners

We all know that gardening is good for you so if you are looking for a New Year’s Resolution to benefit your health, instead of giving up this or that why not resolve to do more of something that you actually like? Yes, more Gardening! As well as mild physical exercise there is a proven […]

Gardening is good for body & soul

As gardeners we know that gardening is good for you. Here are just a few of the benefits that you get from gardening. Share with friends and family who are so busy looking after their wellbeing that they think that they do not have time for gardening and let’s convert a few more people! Whether […]