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If you want to add to your gardening knowledge and understanding without committing to a long course, taking exams or ploughing through the infinite resources of the internet then the Gardening by Design ‘Box of Tricks’ is for you.

What is it?  Simply a set of video topics based on the subjects that are requested most frequently for my talks and teaching and the questions that always arise.  Each video provides practical advice for you to use in your garden, explaining the why as well as the how and helping you to understand what works and what does not. Giving you the confidence to plan, plant and look after your plot.

  • A new approach to online learning: build up your own online gardening course to fill the gaps in your knowledge.
  • No celebrity, no TV crew, just the explanations and examples you need put together by a professional gardening tutor.
  • Ideal introduction to gardening education, especially if you have not studied for a while.
  • Gardening for beginners  and for anyone who does not want to make mistakes in order to learn.

Each topic contains approximately an hour of material, split across three videos so that you can watch in easy to manage sections and get out into the garden in between to make the most of the information.  There are plenty of photographs, diagrams, examples and summaries to help you get to grips with the topic and even a few questions for you to answer (out loud if you are feeling brave!).

Watch this clip to see how the Box of Tricks works

Once your online purchase is completed, you will be sent an email enabling you to access and download the topic videos and this email constitutes delivery of the product.  Please keep this information safe as it will only be sent once.  Purchase of a topic allows you to view the videos for your own use but not to share the content or access to it with other people.   If you have any problem accessing or downloading the videos, please get in touch via email so that I can resolve it.  Please ensure your spam filter allows emails from

Happy Gardening, Alison

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