What I can Help You With

A Gardening by Design visit can solve problems, supply design ideas, maintenance advice and a realistic plan whether you have a blank canvas, changing needs or a garden of established but unidentified plants.

  • Creating a garden which reflects your requirements
  • Making the most of your garden space and coping with difficult shapes
  • Identifying plants and advising on how to look after them
  • Devising planting schemes to provide year-round interest
  • Supporting wildlife within an attractive family garden.

As you talk me round the garden, we will typically discuss what you have, what you want, what styles you do or do not like and how much time you will realistically spend gardening.  I will explain the practical impact of soil type, orientation and surroundings and help you to identify plants and decide what to keep, what to prune and what to remove.

What Can You Expect From Your Visit?

The agenda is all yours and visits can last as long as you like, an hour and a half is most common.  For a large garden or complex project, I generally suggest two visits rather than one overwhelming session.

The visit fee is £70/hour which includes a report with notes on our discussion, details of any plants identified or recommended. If you want more help, I am very happy to supply an outline layout or a plant list and plan.  The scope and cost of additional follow-up work will always be agreed in advance.

I typically visit gardens across the Kent, Sussex and Surrey border area in person, taking me approximately 25 miles from Tunbridge Wells.   I will travel further afield by special request; this may mean a longer visit or a fee to cover travel.  Alternatively we can have an online or telephone consultation using photographs and/or video of the garden

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What My Clients Say

“I was feeling a bit despondent about my garden. I tend to get very enthusiastic about the garden in the Spring and spend time putting in plants but then it never seems to develop the way I hope it will and by the middle of the summer I’ve usually abandoned it and think ‘next year I’ll have another go and it will be gorgeous’! Alison was brilliant at helping me understand why this is. I need to have an overview of what I want my garden to be doing for me and spend time planning it from the start with that in mind. We discussed the shape of my garden and how it’s vital to get that right and then we talked about my ideas for what I would like in the garden and, again, she gave me simple and clear guidance for how to make that happen. Her advice was peppered with lots of brilliant easy to implement ideas particularly for things that I thought would be quite difficult. She also reassured me that it wouldn’t need masses of time or money spent on it. What a relief!

It’s now Springtime again and I feel very enthusiastic about my garden, but this time, I also feel I know where I’m going with it. And I’m really looking forward to maintaining my enthusiasm throughout the next 6 months.”

Lucinda, Uckfield, March 2019